This blog is a work in progress. I’m just now learning the WordPress platform and have lots of writing about Prince William Sound, and otherwise, that I’ve done to sort through, as well as 1,000’s of photographs I took over the years with pro-level camera gear.  The initial focus will be telling the many tales and adventures from my second career, begun at age 51, about owning and operating a water taxi and nature tour business in Prince William Sound, Alaska.  After 24 years in business in the tiny coastal town of Whittier, I was pushing 80, tired, and ready to finally retire.  In late 2013, I began advertising Sound Eco Adventures for sale on Alaskan Craigslists.  I got a couple “tire kicker” replies, and then began a series of email exchanges with a woman in Valdez who seemed more serious.  After a couple months of negotiations, she bought the boat and all other rights to the business on April 4, 2014.

This blog will mainly be my memoirs from Sound Eco Adventures, episodes of which I’ve been working at for several years.  It will include other stories, opinion pieces, and even a bit of poetry.  It will also include writings on spirituality, especially the Christian faith as I have experienced and witnessed it since I was a child.

I’m originally from Los Angeles, an octogenarian, and a long time Alaskan who moved here from Seattle with my marriage family in 1975 to begin work as a wildlife biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  I’m also the proud father of four grown children, and count two daughters-in-law, two granddaughters-in-law, six grandsons and two each great-granddaughters and great-grandsons in my immediate family.